Review: Summertime Blues (feat. Donovan Hattingh)

Greg1 Gregory Walton [Southern African correspondent(AFP)] writes for

 Gregory Walton(AFP)
‘This dark, poignant yet assertively upbeat debut single from Johannesburg-based ensemble Astro and the Intergalactic Space Monks soothes the ear and speaks to the heart.

Strong saxophone work, striking vocals and silky-smooth piano make this one of the year’s most distinctive tracks while straddling the jazz, soul and swing genres.
The confident score blends meaning and soul with compelling lyrics: “Well, I heard…(the rest is up to your intuitive intellect)”.
Thoughtful synthesizer and restrained electric guitar give this track its confident, toe-tapping quirkiness but are never allowed to overpower the resolutely smooth jazz feel of the song.’
Rating: 4/5
Summertime Blues released on May 5th, on Mausay Records/Spinnup(UMG). Get it here now:
(c) Mausay Media, 2017

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